First Things First

A little background:  I’ve been printmaking in one form or another for over ten years; I’ve been letterpressing for four.  My interest in typography and mechanically assisted handmade objects has consequently led me to want to produce not only letterpress documents, but also letterpress implements – in this case, wood type.

Why wood type?  Because of my love of wood type, letterpress, and all things uniquely functional.  And because I thought it would be easier (albeit slightly) than casting metal type.  I also enjoy the particular “feel” of wood type, both as a physical object and as a printmade index (or visual trope).  I had tossed around the idea in the past, but because of lack of technological resources and collaborators I had to put those plans aside.  At the moment, I’m in a particularly good position to realize this project:  I have full access to University labs and tools, I have a group of dedicated advisers and technicians, and finally, maybe most importantly, a few artists willing to lend their creative energy.

Over the coming week, I’ll be introducing each of the people involved in this project, as well as fleshing out the details.

Stay tuned, get to know the people who are doing the work, and see how it all transpires.

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